Sunday, June 13, 2010

How Magnetic Theraphy Can Help You

Magnetic therapy has been use for many thousands of years. This therapy has become more popular in recent years due to people’s movement towards alternative medicine. This type of therapy is possibly more effective than before since there have been many developments in the field since it was originally discovered.

Today, if you carry out a survey you will find that many people are suffering from small aches or pains in some part of their body which has hampered the quality of life they are spending

One of the magnetic therapy is magnetic jewelry that performs magnetic therapy while you are wearing it. This magnetic therapy can help you in various ways. Each different type of magnetic jewelry will provide you with different benefits but certain beneficial attributes are common to them all. Therefore the longer you wear the jewelry, the more beneficial effects you will receive.

The main goal of the magnetic jewelry is to heal the pain with the use of magnetic therapy. This magnetic jewelry helps to increase blood circulation which is very essential to relief the stress and pain.

When blood circulation is increased through magnetic jewelry it also helps to increase the level of oxygenation in he blood which in turns helps to flush out the toxins from the body.

Mainly the pains in the body are caused by the accumulation of the toxins is a particular part f the body and leads to pain and stress in that part of the body.

Therefore through this magnetic jewelry this accumulated mass of the toxins will be flushed out along with increasing level of blood circulation.

The magnetic therapy will act as a pain relief for two reasons.

1. Firstly, the magnets can help to stimulate the release of endorphins which are the natural pain killers of the body, which also help to stimulate the bodies healing process.

2. The other means magnetic therapy can help with pain relief that can help to increase the rate of circulation which can help to flush away the toxins that may be a major cause of pain.

The magnetic therapy can also increase the level of oxygen in the blood stream that gets distributed within the body. This can help to increase your energy levels since the oxygen will be distributed to muscles and tissues.

The increased level of oxygen can also help to increase your mental clarity and awareness. You are encouraged to wear your magnetic jewelry while you are sleeping so that you can increase the likelihood of having a long, deep sleep and waking up refreshed in the morning.

Magnetic necklaces

Can help to relieve pain caused by migraines and headaches, neck, back and shoulder pain as well as potentially relieving the pain caused by muscle spasms and lock jaw.

Magnetic bracelets

Can help to relieve pain associated with, tennis elbow and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, tendonitis and bursitis, as well as helping to relieve the pains caused by arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Magnetic anklets

Can help when it comes to lowering the levels of pain associated with lower back and knee pain, spurs and inflammation in the legs and feet as well as helping to alleviate numbness of the legs. This is addition to the increase of mobility that the areas around the pieces of jewelry will experience.

Not only do these pieces of magnetic jewelry give you amazing health benefits, they also look stylishly elegant and the ranges of styles that are available are sufficient to cater for anyone’s requirements.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How Do Magnetic Fields Work

A magnetic field is a force that exists within a given area that is able to attract or repel other magnetically charged objects and electrical particles. There are many potential sources of magnetic fields and they can vary immensely in strength and range.

To understand how magnets work within the body, it helps to understand some basic anatomy and physiology. This helps to understand exactly how magnets affect the body.

All of the mental functions in our body are controlled by electromagnetic fields produced by the ions within the body. When an injury occurs and tissue is damaged, positive ions move to the affected area, triggering pain and causing inflammation.

In order for the pain to be relieved and for healing to start taking place the electromagnetic field must be restored to their normal balance.

Blood flows around the body in arteries, veins and capillaries. The blood is transported from the heart to the lungs where it picks up oxygen and then transports it to all the organs and tissues. The magnetic field relaxes the capillary walls as well as surrounding muscle, connective tissue and also allows for increased blood flow.

The increase in blood flow is localized to the area where the magnets are placed, unless the magnets are placed directly over a major artery such as the radial artery or the carotid artery. When magnets are placed over a major artery, there is a much larger perfusion of blood flow so the magnetic field is carried further around the body.

When the body’s blood flow oxygen level is increased, nutrients and hormones are distributed to the organs and tissues much more effectively and quickly. Your organs have a fresh rich supply of oxygen and nutrients to nourish them.

Plus the tissues also gain oxygen, healing nutrients and hormones including endorphins which are the body’s natural pain killing hormone.

The Chinese were the first culture to use magnetic therapy almost 4,000 years ago. Several studies in the United States have shown that magnetic therapy is an effective method for reducing pain and discomfort.

Magnetic therapy really does work and it has not only been published in many medical journals but it is also a scientifically proven method to reduce or take away pain completely.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How To Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a serious form of arthritis where the immune system supposed to defend the body. It is more serious than osteoarthritis simply because in addition to the standard joint pain and swelling, rheumatoid arthritis can also cause anemia, poor circulation and debilitating fatigue. These conditions will ultimately lead to damage and deformity in the affected joints if left untreated.

Why does this happen?

It happens because our immune system is compromised. Our modern lifestyle puts more and more stress on our immune system. Drugs, infections, smoking, hormone inbalances, lack of exercise and stress all play a role, whereas our diets do nothing to help. No wonder our immunity is struggling to cope.

This type of arthritis follows different stages. The early stage is often characterized by the destruction of the joint tissues. In the chronic stage, the patient retains and suffers the handicap brought by the early stage. Treatment therefore should be directed towards the prevention or reduction of any debilitating damage that usually occurs during the early stage of rheumatoid arthritis.

There's nothing more draining on the immune system than a sleep deprived body. Everyone has different sleep needs, make sure you're getting enough sleep time for you. If you want to boost up your immune, we can use a lot of energy just digesting the foods we eat. Eat plenty of fresh foods and cut down on junk and processed foods.

Of course there are many options in alternative medicine for alleviating pain but the main aim is to deal with the cause of arthritis which in most cases is a weak immune system.

Why don't we try the best natural treatment for rheumatoid arthritis which is using the Magnetic Bracelet. Why people should considering using magnets for rheumatoid arthritis?

1. It help to stimulate and increase blood flow around the body which would result in a minimal reduction to pain in other areas of the body away from the arm.

2. Magnet with a larger surface area will produce a larger magnetic field and be able to penetrate into the deepest parts of your tissues right to the point of pain.

3. Placing a magnet onto an area that has been damaged will increases circulation, blood flow and start begin of new cell growth to repair damage.

4. Magnets are not a cure but the magnets will relieve these symptoms and act as an aid to the body's own repair system.

Magnets have actually been used for thousands of years. They were first discovered around 3000 years ago. The first magnets to be used for healing purposes was documented in Chinese medicine and were used in conjunction with alternative medicines such as acupuncture and reflexology. The Chinese call magnets Chu Sui.

In England in the 1700's a scientist Dr Michael Faraday made discoveries into Bio magnetism and he became the father of Bio magnetics. His work still holds the foundations of modern magnetic therapy today.

Dr Messmer who is known as the father of hypnotism or "mesmerism" was also one of the main pioneers of magnetic therapy as we know it today.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Do Magnetic Bracelets Really Work

Magnets are available in almost every conceivable shape, size and strength. Magnets work most efficiently when they are placed directly on or over the area of pain. A bracelet will help with pain in the hand, wrist and arm. The magnetic field has a localized effect and cannot penetrate all the body at the same time so cannot help to alleviate pain in other areas.

A recent trial has shown that wearing a bracelet may help slightly but when magnets are worn on the wrist, close to the radial artery, they help to stimulate and increase blood flow around the body which would result in a minimal reduction to pain in other areas of the body away from the arm. If you then compare this to the benefits of wearing magnets directly over the area, a large percentage of people felt an 82% reduction in their pain.

Magnets do not work in the same way as painkillers. Painkillers block the pain from reaching the brain, when there is damage caused to the body chemicals are made that are then picked up by all the nerve endings in that area, the nerves would then normally send a message to the brain that would then interpret it as pain.

Magnets don't block pain signals they actually treat the cause of the pain. Placing a magnet onto an area that has been damaged increases circulation and blood flow to this area. The increased blood supply will then bring with it a fresh supply of nutrients and the body's own, natural painkillers, endorphins.

The most common facts of healing magnets :

1 . You can't wear magnets when working with electrical equipment.

2 . The magnets may cause a warm sensation to occur in the area where the magnets are placed but this is due to the increased circulation

3 . The only strange thing it will do to your body is relieve your pain without the use of drugs. Magnets will increase circulation, relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

4 . You will obviously need stronger magnets for higher levels of pain to actually gain a benefit but even the standard magnets will reduce high levels of pain a little bit.

5 . Magnets are natural and safe and are fine to use in-conjunction with any types of oral medication. No chemicals or drugs are involved in the use of magnetic therapy.

Magnets are not a cure. They will treat the symptoms of the ailments that you suffer with. When your pain and discomfort has been resolved you will still have the ailment.

Magnets are not all the same. Magnets come in all different shapes and sizes and as of yet we there isn't one particular type of magnets that has proven to be the best so we tend to use magnets according to their properties. You can get them made from different materials and at different strengths.

You need to wear the magnets 24 hours a day 7 days a week to allow the amount of magnetism to build up and give the body ample time to repair.

When you are not wearing your magnets the effects of the magnetism won't be able to work on your problem. Your circulation will go back to normal and the rich supply of oxygenated blood will no longer be apparent.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Copper Magnetic Bracelet

Copper has been used for healing by mankind since early times. It is an essential metal our body needs but is often not absorbed. It is believed that copper has an anti-inflammatory effect. Our copper bracelets have the dual effect of combining copper with the benefits of magnetic therapy.

Copper magnetic bracelets are becoming more and more popular and not just for the sufferers of arthritis but for sports men and women in a variety of different sports and activities.

Copper Magnetic Bracelet combine the therapeutic benefits of copper metal with magnetic therapy. Copper and magnetic bracelets bring together two powerful natural healing remedies. The combination of high Gauss magnets and copper have been proven to have beneficial effects on pain, inflammation and other joint and muscle problems.

Copper is an essential trace mineral that facilitates the activity of several enzymes. The mineral provides a role in the development and maintenance of the cardiovascular system, including the heart, arteries, and other blood vessels, the skeletal system and the structure and function of the nervous system, including the brain.

The highest concentration of copper is found in the brain and liver. Copper is found in all other tissues in varying amounts and about 50 percent of the total copper content of the body is found in the bones and muscles.

Purchasing a copper magnetic bracelet can have lasting benefits such as pain relief from arthritis, tendinitis, rheumatism when additional medicines and treatments are not considered effective. Many arthritis sufferers find copper magnetic bracelets alleviate their pain considerably.

Copper helps the body make hemoglobin

1 . Copper needed to carry oxygen in red blood cells. It serves as a part of many body enzymes and helps the body produce energy in the cells.

2 . It is important in the development of tissues in the bone, lung and circulatory system.

3 . It helps maintain a healthy nervous system.

4 . Against pollution exposure and possibly protect against carcinogenesis and tumor growth.

Copper is often used for electrical purposes due to its conducting abilities and the idea of using copper in a magnetic bracelet is that the energies assimilated from the magnetic fields flows freely to provide relief from pain and inflammation.

The copper magnetic bracelet or strap should be placed close to the area you intend to treat and it doesn’t matter if you wear the bracelets or strap tightly or loosely since the effect will still work on the entire area around where it is placed.

The bracelets are hugely popular among golfers as they create an ionic balance in the wrists that helps to alleviate pain. Magnetic golf bracelets these days are lightweight and comfortable to wear and are elegant enough to be worn while playing golf or even just because they look good.

Get a copper magnetic bracelet for health and therapeutic reasons as well as for golf and other sports.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Magnetic Ankle Bracelets

Magnetic therapy helps you in keeping good health and is not limited to pain relaxants. Magnets reduces the complication of poor circulation, lymph flow, hormone production, nerves and muscles have a good chance of being sustained using magnets.

Having pain problems in your ankles, feet and calves. You may be better off with a magnetic ankle bracelets. So, what do you need to look for in a magnetic ankle bracelets?

Most people looking for a magnetic ankle bracelet are interested in reducing leg pain, often in the foot, knee or hip. The idea is to apply a magnetic field to an injured area in order to maintain a normal electromagnetic environment.

There are two main types of magnetic ankle bracelets :

1 . Clasp-type Magnetic Anklets

The clasp is easy to use, and it keeps the anklet from going anywhere with a strong 5,000 gauss magnet.

2 . Clasp-less Magnetic Anklets

The clasp-less type are the lariats, also called snakes that can be worn as a bracelet, anklet or necklace.

These anklets are easy to wear and are very attractive. They consist of powerful magnets that reduce swelling in the anklets and the lower leg. They also provide healing from sprains and fractures. They are available in different designs and lengths.

There are no known side effects or contraindications with regards to wearing a magnetic ankle bracelet. There is no solid proof that wearing more magnets will increase the effectiveness or shorten treatment period but there is also no harm done in wearing more.

Some people increase the gauss to as much as 30,000 by adding more magnets while others wear 4 to 5 anklets at a time. The magnets are ideally positioned north to generate more energy. Very strong magnetic power does not necessarily relate to heavier weight.

A magnetic ankle bracelet can be anywhere as cheap as $14.99 if made from simple stainless steel. The use of more expensive metals and other details can boost the price up to around $800 to $1,000. Always ask for a warranty and 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Monday, March 1, 2010

How Magnetic Bracelets Work

The idea of using magnetic therapy for therapeutic purposes started thousands of years ago in Greece. No one can deny the power of magnets. Magnets have long been believed to have healing powers associated with muscle pain and stiffness. This therapy is the application of permanent static magnets to the body for health benefits.

Some people claim that magnetic bracelets are therapeutic and they can help you if you have certain physical problems like arthritis. They are recommended for people heavily involved in sports because magnetic bracelets are suppose to help in the blood circulation, while also being able to heal then nervous bones and tissue.

Magnetic therapy has been found to be effective in reducing the pain and swelling due to inflammation. Static magnetic fields generated by the magnetic bracelets were able to reduce inflammation by penetrating through the skin deep into the tissues and blood stream.

A negative magnetic field will normalize the metabolic functions that caused the painful condition caused by inflammation or cell degeneration. Damaged cells will react to the presence of a magnetic field by realigning their ions into the correct position. Healing of the cells will begin over a period of days.

Magnetic field therapy involves the usage of electromagnetic materials, such as magnets or magnetic bracelets, to treat illnesses, and to restore proper health and balance to the body. Because the human body, as well as the earth, naturally produces electromagnetic energy, practitioners believe that the proper balance of these two fields can lead to total body wellness.

Magnetic field therapy is 100% safe and a natural, alternative method of treatment for various, common illnesses. Magnetic therapy works to restore imbalances in the body caused by stress, emotional issues or injury. Magnetic therapy gives your body a chance to heal itself much in the same way acupuncture is used.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Titanium Magnetic Bracelets

Use of magnets for healing purpose is gaining popularity across the globe. This is known as magneto therapy. One of the major advantages of this treatment because of non-invasive. Various kinds of products have been developed, so people can get benefit from this painless method of healing.

Titanium is strong as steel but 45% lighter. Titanium magnetic bracelets very hard to get damaged and also useful for people who do more of physical work. People can carry on work as usual and get the treatment for ailments at the same time.

The fact about Titanium Magnetic Bracelets :

1 . Its strength
High Power 3000 gauss magnets and made with rare element neodymium magnets which are true north to the skin.

2 . Light Weight

3 . Extraordinary corrosion resistance

4 . Ability to withstand extreme temperatures

An area which is afflicted with pain, generally is constantly lacking in blood circulation. Because of the lack of circulation, there is also deficiency in oxygen. The afflicted area can be highly considered positive.

A negative known as Unipole magnet that help to increase circulation. In turn, this increases the amount of oxygen bought to the afflicted area and decreases inflammation. Anyone who is pregnant or wearing pacemaker, should not use magnetic products.

Titanium radiates negative ions and when combined with our superior magnets provide the optimum therapeutic benefit. Majority of major league baseball players wear titanium impregnated plastic necklaces for enhanced performance.

Often favoured by people active in sports especially golfers, who are looking titanium magnetic bracelet significantly lighter than a stainless steel which is does not affect their swing.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

Do Magnetic Bracelets Ease Arthritis Pain?

By now, people probably know that magnetic bracelets are used for hand, wrist, arm and shoulder pain. People also know some of the benefits claimed by those who wear magnetic bracelets. Although the idea of magnetic bracelets therapy has been around for centuries, the use of magnetic bracelets to ease pain is a hot topic in medical news today.

Magnetic bracelets therapy is used to relieve pain and restore energy. Magnetic bracelets therapy uses the natural energy of magnetism that is important to the overall health of a person.

To understand magnetic bracelets therapy, one would need to think of one’s body to contain electrical cells. The cell have a positive charge as well as a negative charge. The body can function at its topmost level when both the polarities of the cells are at an equal level.

1 . Positive : Calming and relaxing effect
2 . Negative : Motivating and stimulating effect

The effectiveness of magnetic therapy rests on certain factors :

1 . The magnet strength
2 . The thickness of the magnet
3 . The spacing of the magnets
4 . The number of magnets used

What are the benefits of magnetic bracelet therapy ?

1 . Help Back Pain
Magnets increase blood circulation is by expanding and activating capillaries, therefore causing more blood to reach the cellular level.

2 . Ease Arthritis Pain
Static magnetic fields provided by permanent magnets attached to certain items in proximity to affected body areas can lead to healing.

3 . Better Circulation
Magnetic bracelets help your muscles, organs and most importantly joints to enjoy better circulation.

4 . Raise Melatonin Levels
Magnetic bracelets therapy raise melatonin levels inside your body, allowing you to escape arthritic pain by falling asleep more easily.

5 . Eliminating Toxin
Helping your body excrete excess fluids and eliminating other toxins in it.

It is estimated that over a hundred and twenty million people worldwide regularly use some sort of magnetic bracelets therapy every day. Most people wear their flexible wraps or firm magnetic supports to enable them to lead an active life like golfers and other sports.

Since it's not expensive and it's not considered dangerous, it's up to you to decide whether a magnetic bracelet for arthritis is something you would like try. It might really help.

Friday, February 12, 2010

What Are The Benefits Of Magnetic Bracelets

Magnetic therapy has been touted as very beneficial by more and more people, and magnetic bracelets are becoming very popular today. This copper bracelet is primarily used as an arthritis bracelet. Seniors, young women and men are using it. It looks like more of a men’s bracelet, so it is quite wearable. Magnet therapy has its own appeal worldwide and has produced many encouraging as well as discouraging reviews.

Magnetic bracelets work by using magnetic fields which are generated by the earth's magnetism, solar storms, power lines, electrical devices and even by the chemical reactions of the human body.

The main health benefit of magnetic bracelets is said to be an ability to reduce arthritis pain. These bracelets improve health by increasing blood circulation, reducing inflammation in arthritis-striken areas and reducing the accompanying pain. An arthritis sufferer simply wears the bracelet in close proximity to the affected area to receive the health benefits.

Here are the benefits of magnetic bracelet therapy :

1 . It is thought that a negative magnetic field will normalize disturbed metabolic functions that cause certain painful conditions such as inflammation or cell degeneration.

2 . It reduces aging. The magnets release a fair amount of iron into the bloodstream, which causes collagen to repair rapidly. It makes skin more elastic and youthful.

3 . It heals wounds more quickly. What it does is it multiplies the flow of blood to the injured part of the body by healing the affected muscles from the inside then delivering nutrients in order to speed up the healing process.

4 . Magnetic bracelets have been thought to decrease stress and improve sleep. Magnetic fields put directly on top of the head have been proven even more useful for their calming effect.

5 . A magnetic bracelet has a negative magnet, This promotes circulation in affected areas, which have a positive polarity. With more blood comes more oxygen, reducing the inflammation and lessening the pain.

6 . It improves back pain. It has a good outcome of alleviating pain in the upper and lower back.

7 . It cures insomnia. Sleeping better is one of the most popular benefits of wearing a magnetic bracelet. It may be a placebo effect but it certainly decreases the long hours of staring at the ceiling and turning in the bed all night.

8 . It decreases fatigue. People who work long hours and wear a magnetic bracelet note the sense of feeling much more energetic. It removes the feeling of tiredness and irritability of a tough day.

In addition, some people use magnetic therapy to stop smoking, lose weight, and for other areas of their lives where they feel that they need a little extra help or where conventional medicine has not worked that well.

No matter what the problem, most people think that magnetic therapy is certainly worth trying for symptom relief and help with chronic pain.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


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