Saturday, April 17, 2010

Do Magnetic Bracelets Really Work

Magnets are available in almost every conceivable shape, size and strength. Magnets work most efficiently when they are placed directly on or over the area of pain. A bracelet will help with pain in the hand, wrist and arm. The magnetic field has a localized effect and cannot penetrate all the body at the same time so cannot help to alleviate pain in other areas.

A recent trial has shown that wearing a bracelet may help slightly but when magnets are worn on the wrist, close to the radial artery, they help to stimulate and increase blood flow around the body which would result in a minimal reduction to pain in other areas of the body away from the arm. If you then compare this to the benefits of wearing magnets directly over the area, a large percentage of people felt an 82% reduction in their pain.

Magnets do not work in the same way as painkillers. Painkillers block the pain from reaching the brain, when there is damage caused to the body chemicals are made that are then picked up by all the nerve endings in that area, the nerves would then normally send a message to the brain that would then interpret it as pain.

Magnets don't block pain signals they actually treat the cause of the pain. Placing a magnet onto an area that has been damaged increases circulation and blood flow to this area. The increased blood supply will then bring with it a fresh supply of nutrients and the body's own, natural painkillers, endorphins.

The most common facts of healing magnets :

1 . You can't wear magnets when working with electrical equipment.

2 . The magnets may cause a warm sensation to occur in the area where the magnets are placed but this is due to the increased circulation

3 . The only strange thing it will do to your body is relieve your pain without the use of drugs. Magnets will increase circulation, relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

4 . You will obviously need stronger magnets for higher levels of pain to actually gain a benefit but even the standard magnets will reduce high levels of pain a little bit.

5 . Magnets are natural and safe and are fine to use in-conjunction with any types of oral medication. No chemicals or drugs are involved in the use of magnetic therapy.

Magnets are not a cure. They will treat the symptoms of the ailments that you suffer with. When your pain and discomfort has been resolved you will still have the ailment.

Magnets are not all the same. Magnets come in all different shapes and sizes and as of yet we there isn't one particular type of magnets that has proven to be the best so we tend to use magnets according to their properties. You can get them made from different materials and at different strengths.

You need to wear the magnets 24 hours a day 7 days a week to allow the amount of magnetism to build up and give the body ample time to repair.

When you are not wearing your magnets the effects of the magnetism won't be able to work on your problem. Your circulation will go back to normal and the rich supply of oxygenated blood will no longer be apparent.

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