Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How Do Magnetic Fields Work

A magnetic field is a force that exists within a given area that is able to attract or repel other magnetically charged objects and electrical particles. There are many potential sources of magnetic fields and they can vary immensely in strength and range.

To understand how magnets work within the body, it helps to understand some basic anatomy and physiology. This helps to understand exactly how magnets affect the body.

All of the mental functions in our body are controlled by electromagnetic fields produced by the ions within the body. When an injury occurs and tissue is damaged, positive ions move to the affected area, triggering pain and causing inflammation.

In order for the pain to be relieved and for healing to start taking place the electromagnetic field must be restored to their normal balance.

Blood flows around the body in arteries, veins and capillaries. The blood is transported from the heart to the lungs where it picks up oxygen and then transports it to all the organs and tissues. The magnetic field relaxes the capillary walls as well as surrounding muscle, connective tissue and also allows for increased blood flow.

The increase in blood flow is localized to the area where the magnets are placed, unless the magnets are placed directly over a major artery such as the radial artery or the carotid artery. When magnets are placed over a major artery, there is a much larger perfusion of blood flow so the magnetic field is carried further around the body.

When the body’s blood flow oxygen level is increased, nutrients and hormones are distributed to the organs and tissues much more effectively and quickly. Your organs have a fresh rich supply of oxygen and nutrients to nourish them.

Plus the tissues also gain oxygen, healing nutrients and hormones including endorphins which are the body’s natural pain killing hormone.

The Chinese were the first culture to use magnetic therapy almost 4,000 years ago. Several studies in the United States have shown that magnetic therapy is an effective method for reducing pain and discomfort.

Magnetic therapy really does work and it has not only been published in many medical journals but it is also a scientifically proven method to reduce or take away pain completely.

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