Friday, March 19, 2010

Copper Magnetic Bracelet

Copper has been used for healing by mankind since early times. It is an essential metal our body needs but is often not absorbed. It is believed that copper has an anti-inflammatory effect. Our copper bracelets have the dual effect of combining copper with the benefits of magnetic therapy.

Copper magnetic bracelets are becoming more and more popular and not just for the sufferers of arthritis but for sports men and women in a variety of different sports and activities.

Copper Magnetic Bracelet combine the therapeutic benefits of copper metal with magnetic therapy. Copper and magnetic bracelets bring together two powerful natural healing remedies. The combination of high Gauss magnets and copper have been proven to have beneficial effects on pain, inflammation and other joint and muscle problems.

Copper is an essential trace mineral that facilitates the activity of several enzymes. The mineral provides a role in the development and maintenance of the cardiovascular system, including the heart, arteries, and other blood vessels, the skeletal system and the structure and function of the nervous system, including the brain.

The highest concentration of copper is found in the brain and liver. Copper is found in all other tissues in varying amounts and about 50 percent of the total copper content of the body is found in the bones and muscles.

Purchasing a copper magnetic bracelet can have lasting benefits such as pain relief from arthritis, tendinitis, rheumatism when additional medicines and treatments are not considered effective. Many arthritis sufferers find copper magnetic bracelets alleviate their pain considerably.

Copper helps the body make hemoglobin

1 . Copper needed to carry oxygen in red blood cells. It serves as a part of many body enzymes and helps the body produce energy in the cells.

2 . It is important in the development of tissues in the bone, lung and circulatory system.

3 . It helps maintain a healthy nervous system.

4 . Against pollution exposure and possibly protect against carcinogenesis and tumor growth.

Copper is often used for electrical purposes due to its conducting abilities and the idea of using copper in a magnetic bracelet is that the energies assimilated from the magnetic fields flows freely to provide relief from pain and inflammation.

The copper magnetic bracelet or strap should be placed close to the area you intend to treat and it doesn’t matter if you wear the bracelets or strap tightly or loosely since the effect will still work on the entire area around where it is placed.

The bracelets are hugely popular among golfers as they create an ionic balance in the wrists that helps to alleviate pain. Magnetic golf bracelets these days are lightweight and comfortable to wear and are elegant enough to be worn while playing golf or even just because they look good.

Get a copper magnetic bracelet for health and therapeutic reasons as well as for golf and other sports.

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