Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Titanium Magnetic Bracelets

Use of magnets for healing purpose is gaining popularity across the globe. This is known as magneto therapy. One of the major advantages of this treatment because of non-invasive. Various kinds of products have been developed, so people can get benefit from this painless method of healing.

Titanium is strong as steel but 45% lighter. Titanium magnetic bracelets very hard to get damaged and also useful for people who do more of physical work. People can carry on work as usual and get the treatment for ailments at the same time.

The fact about Titanium Magnetic Bracelets :

1 . Its strength
High Power 3000 gauss magnets and made with rare element neodymium magnets which are true north to the skin.

2 . Light Weight

3 . Extraordinary corrosion resistance

4 . Ability to withstand extreme temperatures

An area which is afflicted with pain, generally is constantly lacking in blood circulation. Because of the lack of circulation, there is also deficiency in oxygen. The afflicted area can be highly considered positive.

A negative known as Unipole magnet that help to increase circulation. In turn, this increases the amount of oxygen bought to the afflicted area and decreases inflammation. Anyone who is pregnant or wearing pacemaker, should not use magnetic products.

Titanium radiates negative ions and when combined with our superior magnets provide the optimum therapeutic benefit. Majority of major league baseball players wear titanium impregnated plastic necklaces for enhanced performance.

Often favoured by people active in sports especially golfers, who are looking titanium magnetic bracelet significantly lighter than a stainless steel which is does not affect their swing.

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