Monday, February 15, 2010

Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

Do Magnetic Bracelets Ease Arthritis Pain?

By now, people probably know that magnetic bracelets are used for hand, wrist, arm and shoulder pain. People also know some of the benefits claimed by those who wear magnetic bracelets. Although the idea of magnetic bracelets therapy has been around for centuries, the use of magnetic bracelets to ease pain is a hot topic in medical news today.

Magnetic bracelets therapy is used to relieve pain and restore energy. Magnetic bracelets therapy uses the natural energy of magnetism that is important to the overall health of a person.

To understand magnetic bracelets therapy, one would need to think of one’s body to contain electrical cells. The cell have a positive charge as well as a negative charge. The body can function at its topmost level when both the polarities of the cells are at an equal level.

1 . Positive : Calming and relaxing effect
2 . Negative : Motivating and stimulating effect

The effectiveness of magnetic therapy rests on certain factors :

1 . The magnet strength
2 . The thickness of the magnet
3 . The spacing of the magnets
4 . The number of magnets used

What are the benefits of magnetic bracelet therapy ?

1 . Help Back Pain
Magnets increase blood circulation is by expanding and activating capillaries, therefore causing more blood to reach the cellular level.

2 . Ease Arthritis Pain
Static magnetic fields provided by permanent magnets attached to certain items in proximity to affected body areas can lead to healing.

3 . Better Circulation
Magnetic bracelets help your muscles, organs and most importantly joints to enjoy better circulation.

4 . Raise Melatonin Levels
Magnetic bracelets therapy raise melatonin levels inside your body, allowing you to escape arthritic pain by falling asleep more easily.

5 . Eliminating Toxin
Helping your body excrete excess fluids and eliminating other toxins in it.

It is estimated that over a hundred and twenty million people worldwide regularly use some sort of magnetic bracelets therapy every day. Most people wear their flexible wraps or firm magnetic supports to enable them to lead an active life like golfers and other sports.

Since it's not expensive and it's not considered dangerous, it's up to you to decide whether a magnetic bracelet for arthritis is something you would like try. It might really help.

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