Friday, February 12, 2010

What Are The Benefits Of Magnetic Bracelets

Magnetic therapy has been touted as very beneficial by more and more people, and magnetic bracelets are becoming very popular today. This copper bracelet is primarily used as an arthritis bracelet. Seniors, young women and men are using it. It looks like more of a men’s bracelet, so it is quite wearable. Magnet therapy has its own appeal worldwide and has produced many encouraging as well as discouraging reviews.

Magnetic bracelets work by using magnetic fields which are generated by the earth's magnetism, solar storms, power lines, electrical devices and even by the chemical reactions of the human body.

The main health benefit of magnetic bracelets is said to be an ability to reduce arthritis pain. These bracelets improve health by increasing blood circulation, reducing inflammation in arthritis-striken areas and reducing the accompanying pain. An arthritis sufferer simply wears the bracelet in close proximity to the affected area to receive the health benefits.

Here are the benefits of magnetic bracelet therapy :

1 . It is thought that a negative magnetic field will normalize disturbed metabolic functions that cause certain painful conditions such as inflammation or cell degeneration.

2 . It reduces aging. The magnets release a fair amount of iron into the bloodstream, which causes collagen to repair rapidly. It makes skin more elastic and youthful.

3 . It heals wounds more quickly. What it does is it multiplies the flow of blood to the injured part of the body by healing the affected muscles from the inside then delivering nutrients in order to speed up the healing process.

4 . Magnetic bracelets have been thought to decrease stress and improve sleep. Magnetic fields put directly on top of the head have been proven even more useful for their calming effect.

5 . A magnetic bracelet has a negative magnet, This promotes circulation in affected areas, which have a positive polarity. With more blood comes more oxygen, reducing the inflammation and lessening the pain.

6 . It improves back pain. It has a good outcome of alleviating pain in the upper and lower back.

7 . It cures insomnia. Sleeping better is one of the most popular benefits of wearing a magnetic bracelet. It may be a placebo effect but it certainly decreases the long hours of staring at the ceiling and turning in the bed all night.

8 . It decreases fatigue. People who work long hours and wear a magnetic bracelet note the sense of feeling much more energetic. It removes the feeling of tiredness and irritability of a tough day.

In addition, some people use magnetic therapy to stop smoking, lose weight, and for other areas of their lives where they feel that they need a little extra help or where conventional medicine has not worked that well.

No matter what the problem, most people think that magnetic therapy is certainly worth trying for symptom relief and help with chronic pain.

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